I'm a Person and You Just Can't Take It

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The people in this picture were not included in this fight. I just posted the picture to show my pokerface.

Please take a seat every one coz I'm gonna take you to a FREAKSHOW that I'm on. A Circus that's getting no money. Grab a beer guys coz its about to get messy.

I have a friend thats bitting my ass lately. For 1, she wanted to be the center of attention. 2. She had this SUPERIORITY COMPLEX going on in her attitude.

Well Friend I've got a lot of things to say to you. You've been making a lot of stories with your lies. Making me the "Vendetha" of your life story. I used to ignore her before but I can't take it anymore. I am settling in the final score between us coz I can't take all the blame.

Guys Here's my side of the story.

1. You said that I was the one who spread all the rumors about you. Well hey! Look around you, I wasn't the only one who had eyes, ears and tongue to talk about you. If its any consolation to you, from what I've heard. Things we're juicy!
2. You said I was a Sucker to our CN, for you to be ousted in the workplace! Hell no.! I let people see and be an example through my actions. I may talk a lot just to make people laugh and not to put you down. You don't know me then for you to say that.
3. Now that its out there, you said that I'm bad and mean. Well I had to fight back and defend myself.

If you wanted to talk to me, I've been waiting for you ask me since last week. I know you'll be reading this I just want to say that.
If you wanted to start all over again and save the friendship. Try Harder. Forgive and Forget.

Forgive the sin and forget the sinner.. Get that!