LL: Lorre Lately

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lately I've lost every single memory of happiness in my mind. I was so dejected with what's happening with my life.  I blamed this to AGE and CHOLESTEROL. I am always easily irritated and had violent tendencies towards myself. This really scared me. I wasn't like this before.

So I went out of my usual day to day routine and hang out with my friends... But to no avail they couldn't make it. That made me furious even more. I scoured the town for some people to hang out with. And I found my friend's prodigee.

People Meet The BAGETS

Hangin out with them made me see a new perspective in life. They made me realize that age is just numbers we attach to ourself it doesn't mean anything except the number of years we live on earth. We only get old when we stop believing in ourselves and when we stop the thirst for new things to do. With them my heart starts to pound (and I'm not in love this time) because it is filled with excitement. They never run out of things to do.

Some say that I only hang out with them coz I ran out of people to spend time with and that they are my only option. JUST SO YOU KNOW, they are the best option I ever had.

Screaming For MORE!!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It was a Saturday and the wind was rough. It made the sea mad. Mad for big waves just the way we want it to be..