Two Crazy Monkeys in Bakhawan Daanbantayan

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

 We met each other at a time in our lives when people used to cheer louder than our snores. Funny how, somehow we never drowned in those cheers. I hope that we will stay longer, a lot longer than the summer we used to prepare for pantaland. 

I remember the times when we go out at night drinking and I used to take you guys home in my motorcycle but now you guys pick me up at home as we go out for a drive or stay in places that we only dream and talk about before.

I know this is why we are special to each other.

Birthday Trippin

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Surround yourself with people that makes you breath easy. Anything you need you can just call them. 

We went on a quick trip to Bantayan Island, what was meant to be a one day thing turned out to be more than that. 

Yeah we are spontaneous just like that. Fuck it up and all them girls think they could!