I'm screwed

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Because of the drama i've had this week, i forgot to go to someone's party. I'm stupid, I know.

Hisoler Beach Resort with My B*atch Cozin

Monday, October 03, 2011

I don't have words for this. Just be here if you can Afford

A Date With My Betch SESTER and B!

Have you ever got that feelin when you are so down and you just wanna go out and be absolutely stupid and you don't even care? Yes this is one of those days. I texted my betch sester and told her if she wanna kick it and you know she's the easiest prey when it comes to eating, she gladly came and we ended up watching a movie. We ate a lot of things and don't care what will happen coz I'll always be pretty with or without my fats. I don't know about her though.

In this life, I don't care where I go and whose going with me, as long as I have amazing people walking and laughing at all the drama that I've caused. Im good!