How to Find Mr. Right

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Some of us had been searching for Mr. Right for a while now. It must have been an exhausting ordeal right. I mean, you are merely searching for someone who may not exist. But we should never loose hope. Someone out there is just waiting to be our Mr. Right.

I have asked my friends who already found their Mr. Right on how to find my very own man. Below are their opinions/tips on how to catch a good man.

1. Go out but not a lot. You should go out. Hang out with your friends. Go to places that you have never been before. Take that weekend trip that you have been planning. Chances are Mr. Right is just waiting for you in your weekend getaway. 

2. Go to Reunions. See someone you used to have a crush with from high school or college. Who knows they might also have a crush on you. They just never had that confidence to say it to you before. 

3. Create a new hobby. If you have new things to do means you have higher chance of meeting new people with the same interest with you. 

4. Get a new haircut. This is just my perspective with haircuts. New hair new life. Sounds so lame but I just want you to have that confidence that comes with the new up-do. 

5. Shop! Jazz up that boring style. I want you to slay! Dress everyday like you are going to meet Mr. Right.

6. Smile often. I belive that a smile just set things right.

7.Be the best version of you. Don't let things get you down. Be positive. Have a positive outlook in life. Positivity is the key.

When you are done working with yourself and you are mature enough, you will realize that there is no Mr. Right. Mr. Right is just a fucked up idea of a person we want to have. Certain standards we purposely create. And when we don't see that qualities in a person, we ended up hating life for not giving us what we want. 

I didnt mean to say that you have to lower that standards so that everyone would fit your description of Mr. Right. I mean, we just have to be realistic with it. I know you don't want to waste your time but I want you to take things slow. Believe me at the end of the day, it will all be alright. 

10 Amazing People of my 2015

Monday, February 01, 2016

All right! How amazing was my 2015? It started very rough but it ended up how I wanted it to be. A lot has happened. A lot of firsts. It might be a little late to do this tradition but I want to thank the people who made my 2015 worth looking back.

10. The man I love. How I wished you kept it a little G for me to know that you don't love me anymore. But still, I want to thank you for helping me learn when to end a relationship. The feeling of not knowing where you stand in a person's life is the worst feeling in the world.

9. My Girl Honey Cocaine. Your songs kept me in check. 

8. Batibot. You always make me happy.

7. Lucas So├ętaert. Thank you for everything. I had the best and most memorable summer with you.

6: Samantha Mae Cavalida. I've been finding words to write here. Just to let you know how much you mean to me with out it sounding like you are my girlfriend. You are my Ride or Die kind of friend. You are my rock. You keep me sane when I am insane. And always, as always you were always there for me. Thank you.
5. Madixlej. Thank you for acting delighted to hear all my crazy stories. I needed an outlet for all my whines and rants and you were always there ready to listen. 

4. Yazz. Thank you for all those private dances. You just made me want to drop. We go hard!

3. Cara. You are an Inspiration.

2. Klynt. Thank you for the laughs. Hope you like snapchat.

1. Kajane. You know why you are always no.1. Please be on snapchat.