Thoughts on Friends Growing Apart

Monday, October 03, 2016

I'm so sorry. This is not one of those happy post. This is one of those sad phase of my life. Sometimes shit happens and you lost touch with your friends. You grow apart. This post is dedicated to address that elephant in the room. No one seems to talk about it but today I am going to. So why do friends grow apart?

Sometimes we just have to let it die without even  saying goodbyes to each other. Sometimes when you see that friend you just have to pretend that everything is fine and just remember the times when you had each other best.

Sometimes the level of friendship is not parallel to each other. You see that friend like they are your world but to them you are the one that is always available. This one you just have to let it die.

Sometimes you've known your friend for so long that they thought you still are the same person back then. Like you guys are still in high school and it's now 2016. This is now. You have matured. You have changed and you don't live there anymore. You are no longer the same person you used to be. Drop it and leave.

Sometimes people use you as a shield. Bring all the drama to your face and let you handle all the negativity All by yourself. And because you are a good friend you let them use you. You fight all their battles for them. Handle all the drama and that subsides they just leave you like nothing happened. You have to cut this kind of people out of your life.

I have learned that a real friend lives in the now. The one's that never leave by your side. Someone who has the same level of priorities with you.

I also learned that you should never hesitate to cut people out of your life. You have an option. Use it.