Remembering Amber

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As a nurse, you get to meet people. Some of them you get a chance to change their life. Some of them change you. I didn't meet Amber in the hospital. I met her on the bus on my way home from Cebu City 2-3 years ago. Believe me, I vaguely remember anything. She sat on the aisle beside me. She was vomiting as she gets sea sick (motion sickness) easily like me. So I immediately offered my menthol candy hoping that it would help her ease being sick. That started our conversation. I had stepped down the bus and that was the last time I saw her.

150 days ago, as I return home from my night shift, a woman was waiting for me at home. She told me that her daughter wants to see me. I felt weird. I asked myself if I had done something wrong lately. Mischief don't fall short when I am around. So, I went to their house only to realize I was being summoned by someone who is on her deathbed. 

Her mom helped me refresh my memory. She reminded me when and where I met Amber. She told me that on the day I met Amber was the day she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She said that I told Amber that my favorite song was Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader which still is my favorite song. Whenever Amber was feeling lonely and feeling the pangs of the disease she always ask her mom to play that song. 

A few minutes after I saw Amber, she had left the other side. I was just standing there stunned and feelingless. I don't know how to react. I was out of words. I had a lot of questions.

I have realized that, I have done something good with my life. I have succeeded as a nurse. I have changed one life and that's all that matters. 

The world wont be doomed if we are kind to one another. Even the simplest gesture of kindness could mean so much to someone. We only have one life. We have to serve a purpose and whatever it maybe we have to get ready for it. So that when it is time for you to go, you have a pretty good resume.

Now I have one angel in heaven watching over me. I miss you little Amber.

On The Wings of Love

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I am never really into Philippine Television Series but this one made me download the I want TV app just for me not to miss an episode. This one has a social relevance that captured my heart.

Clapping my hands for everyone involved in the making of this series!

Screenshots from the episodes on Iwanttv.

Unleashed Cebu

Unleash the music beast in you and get lost in the trance this Saturday September 05, 2015 at Sugbo Open Field SRP, Cebu. Gates open at 4pm. See you There!!