Not so Many, Keith Anthony

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did I just try to rhyme the title? No you guys don't have the chance to stand in my world. All the fame, all the money and all the boys in this world, they don't mean nothing to me. I'm putting it all behind, putting this guy in front. Girls be going crazy, but this guy is just my hommie. Cross my heart, I just hope you die. I'm doin this from 20 to life baby.

Hahahaha. Try to rap that. It'll sound great. LOL. I wish I could say more things about this guy without it sounding like I'm into him. I always tell him to love with no limitations but to love yourself more to let go. When he is around, it will surely be fun. I just can't stop laughing at the things that he says and the stuffs that he does.

I got more in my mind and even more in my heart but I don't have enough words to describe how he means to me. SO CHILL and and check out his GRILL.

Robo Formacion Photography: Edzel and Yann

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Raindrops are the bravest things that God made because they are not afraid from falling. Glad to be drenched in the rain with you.

Dear Angelica

Monday, January 27, 2014


The past few months has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us. A journey we should take. You can't just take it all alone. I was privileged to be able to share moments of this endeavor with you. I hope that you learned something from me as I learned a lot from you too.

 Happy Birthday Enjoy!!

The Crazy Kids

It's comforting to have a someone that you can be yourself with and not worry about being judged or criticized, and being sure that they'll love you no matter what.

Shout For Joy

Sunday, January 26, 2014

All I know is, It's time to turn my frown upside down. I'm throwing all your pictures from under my pillow to the trash now. And I'm not tryna hear all your excuses like the times you didn't call me when you said you would. I finally figured out that guys are so hard to trust.

You know, Everybody said that we should never part but tell me baby why you wanna go and break my heart. What we had was good. What is good wont last. I loved you. It will always be you. I gots to go and figure out what the world holds for me.

Robo Formacion Photography: Ronald and Dior

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sometimes there are just NO words to even begin to describe something so totally, completely, absolutely, amazingly good! All you can do is sit back and smile. AHH LOVE...

Sinulog Invasion 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Callin out all of my friends!! Let's go hard this weekend and be in the SINULOG INVASION 2014 with International DJ QUINTINO.

Gate fee will be 350 and with it you get 2 free drinks and some face paint. Don't worry about the gate fee because proceeds will go to the rebuilding of Cebu City Medical Center. So let's keep the speakers MAD LOUD and get to groove with DJ QUINTINO this SUNDAY at BASELINE! Watch and learn how we CEBUANO'S PARTY HARD!

Don't forget to like SPECTRUM on FACEBOOK or follow them on TWITTER.
Have any questions? Ask the Spectrum Mobile Hotline +639297984176.

Simple Swagg

You got style? You ain't got swag. I am lovin the fact that the design is so SIMPLE and not in your face but the SWAG is flowing all over it. That's SIMPLE SWAGG. GET YOUR SWAG ON!!!


Monday, January 13, 2014

I just wanna give a big shoutout to my homies from down south. Guys take a look at CDO TEESHOPPE.
I got mad props about OG PINOY products. I LOVE THE SHIRT. FILIPINO ALL THE WAY. Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE and take a look.


I know, I'm old. Thank you guys!

People of my Year 2013

In this life, we don't have an easy road to lead but alternative routes are always available when you feel that you are lost. All you have to do is choose the right way and enjoy the ride. So glad I had these people I could take that journey with.

10. My Girls- They are my homegirls. Where ever life may take me.. These two will always be special to me. Thank you!

9. Angels in Green- The nicest people I've met in my whole life. Thank you for coming. It all made a difference.

8. Rita Ora- Your music inspires me to be a better person and still do my own thing on the side. I love you.. Keep making great music.

7. My crew from AYAW BUTANGI OG FEELINGS- We are the inspiration. We made the difference.
6. Olive- No matter how twisted your mind is. I'll always be here for you... I-uli na ta imong Iphone aron akong magamit..
5. Irene and Ilyn- Thank you for always holding my back esp. when everybody said I wasn't anything and you guys had always been there for me. Even when I had nothing you guys were there to share and be my everything.

4. Blanche- Even in the darkest clouds, the sun shines so bright. I'm always here for you and I have your best interest at heart.

3. Reina, Roan and Reyn- ALWAYS AND FOREVER
2. Kalvin and Madix- Thank you for looking out my back. I got you. I feel you guys. The Boyfriends I can't break up with. You guys will always be in my heart.
1. Thank you for sharing with me the BEST SUMMER I HAD. Summer 2013. Kahibaw na mo sa akong isulti. I love you.

My mom told me never to forget to thank GOD because He had always given me great people in my life. I felt like I am blessed because my FAMILY became my FRIENDS and my FRIENDS became my FAMILY.