I thought It was Simple but it was Hell Complicated

Monday, December 31, 2012

Everywhere I go. No matter what I do. I still had that memory of you haunting me every night. I don't know. I just can't move on. I really had enough of this drama.  I was just wondering where's that happy ending that you told me about. I thought you never wanted to see me cry. But I guess this is what you were after.

 Now can't you see that you are everything I want. Can't you see right through me how this thing hurts me. You showed me what it's like to live. Now you've showed me ways to die with your big brown eyes.

People of my Year 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

As the year is about to end, I think its about time I came up with the list of people who mattered to me this 2012.

10. The Boys of Ting Ting Official ft Leo Simpleniceguy- Vince Dale, Jason Pangan, Kalvin, Reane, Madix, Nico, Sergz, Niljun and J. I also call them my Boyfriend Collection. You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for the laughs, and the times we have shared. I really appreciate it. I know that you guys had a lot of games in your mind, just remember not to get caught up with your feelings coz that's when things get ugly.

The K-Girls- Regine Lepon, Agnes Oliamot, Christina Cassandra Velez- Thank you girls for riding with me in this Joyride we call life.You guys are one of the people who could keep up with all the crazy in me. When I do something out of this world, I know that you guys would come closer and jump right in. Always ready to have fun. Thank you for that.

Bedroom Selections

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This is what we do when we are bored at home in our bedroom. We watch a video on youtube and try to follow the dance moves. This is a cover of a cover. Most of the choreography were from Ian Eastwood and Brian Puspos. The songs  belong to their proper owners. I take no credit to them. Thank you.

Madixlej Escolar
Snoop Dogg- Drop it like its Hot. Freestyle 

New Boyz- Freak my Sh*t

Jayson "tingting" Agunod

Chris Brown- Wet the Bed as Choreographed by Brian Puspos

Justin Bieber- Fall as Performed by Ian Eastwood

Give me some feedbacks.. Thank you!

What the Eff

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just putting it out there.. A lot of you was asking if I am in relationship with Jayson Agunod. Hell no! I am in no way connected to him as his lover nor his benefactor. TO be perfectly honest I see him as a close friend and nothing beyond that. I am uploading his pictures here on FB or anywhere else in the web coz he brings a lot of traffic on my webpage. hahahaha. So yeah.. Stop asking me silly questions or I will cyberbully you.. consider yourself warned... THANK YOU

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I Don't Do Drugs


So I invited my friends on a late night dinner in a pub. Nothin felt as good when you are with the people you care about and people you are comfortable with. I really had fun with them until a joke was thrown at me like a meteorite.

I just found it off and out of line. I know that he never meant what he said but it got me like a knife stabbing right through my heart. It brings all the pain from the past and laid it all in front of me like all the items on sale.  All my life I had been running away from this demon but it keeps on chasing me. 

I think its about time I talk about it. Maybe by talking about it would ease up  the pain I had been hiding since I was 9. My brother was/is a drug addict. Though he seems to be sober now coz he just got out of rehab. Because of it, I blamed him for all the things that happened within our family. I blamed him because I never get to have the things they had when they were about my age. I blamed him because I felt like I was robbed off my childhood and forced to be an adult. At some point I never understand the situation. I had a very wild high school life. I was doing all the bad things just to get my parents attention. I almost got expelled. Sometimes I asked myself questions to the things that happened but I felt like the answers were not for me. I still don't know. 

I think that this is the reason why I get easily attached to people who gives me the attention and I always end up being hurt when the attention runs out. Believe me. The pain is real!

So yeah! I just wanna put it out there. I hangout with people who do drugs because they give me the attention that I want and not some other things. I DON'T DO DRUGS. I NEVER WAS. I NEVER WILL.
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It was Fun

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My view
Miss Jobbawakee
Miss Shiny Faye Sepulveda and Crislie Ann Almario
Shiny Faye with some guy we met... (aw bitter)
Shiny Faye
The Prettiest Face I saw that night. (im starting to sound like im a lesbian)

The dude with two other dudes and her
Best in Lansis,, Niljun

I was out on a stroll a few days ago to watch a local pageant. I never really had the time to watch what was going on on stage because I had so much fun frolicking on the sidelines. This kids were fun. I saw the kind of fun that I used to have inside of me. They made me realize that we had to let go of the life we had planned for ourselves to have have the life that was waiting for us to enjoy.

I kinda liked the homey kind of vibe that the crowd had. A lil laid back and a lil rowdy. They got it going on. Til next time I meet you guys! Enjoy Life.
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30 Things To Do Before I'm 30

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I am in my mid-20's now. I think its about time I post something like this. Something to achieve before I get 30. So yeah. Feel free to close the tabs if you don't like the things you're reading.

1. Get my hair jacked Rihanna style.
2. Lose a lot of weight.
3. Go to Paris France to put a lock on Siene Bridge and

4. Go to Disney World with my friends.
5. Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece.
6. Hug a Koala.
7. Learn how to surf.
8. Watch Beyonce in concert.
9. See the Maria Christina Falls.
10. Go to Sagada.
11. Walk in the Walk of Faith in China.
12. See a real Camel Toe.
13. See the Northern Lights.
14. See a Ramboutan Tree.
15. Learn to wash my own clothes. (learning)
16. Have my own clothing line.
17. Tweeted by someone Famous.

18. Have a one on one sit down with Kourtney Kardashian.
19. Get lost in Times Square.
20. Visit Baguio.
21. Ride a Hot Air Balloon.
22. Learn how to ride a Glider.
23. Become a Fire fighter.
24. Get to touch a real Cherry Blossom.
25. Have a tattoo.
26. Spend a Night in an Igloo.
27. Meet 2ne1.
28. Watch SHOWTIME live.
29. Learn how to drive a car.
30. Meet my all time favorite ELLEN DEGENERES in person.

I will be updating this from time to time and see how many things I've accomplished before I hit the big 3-0.

Happy Birthday Nico Monicit

Friday, December 14, 2012

Whats up with the pose J?

I'd like to thank you for supporting all the craziness I had in me. Thank you for the unconditional love and respect that you have given me. Ikaw jud ang nag pa uso anang "Kuya". I like that. I know that I did really stupid things in my life its just that I'd like to find out who would stay after I did it. I am happy that you did.

I'll always be here for you if you stay right here for me...
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gettin Ready

Seeing Beauty up ahead

Darayonan: A Place Like Home

The Doorway

The Lobby

Our Backyard.. 

Our Backyard by night. 

Darayonan lived up its promise to make you feel like you are right at home while you are checked in. With the occasional interruption of electricity as an added bonus to its homey kind of feel. I really like the laid back kind of feeling that place radiates. 

Stay at Darayonan and be treated like the way your mom treats you. TENDER LOVIN CARE!!!

photo credits: Atty. Rey Caayon

Day 1 Going to Busuanga Palawan

Fly with Cebu Pacific Air. No Hassles No Delays.

The arrival of the princess.

Best in Lafang

Francisco B. Reyes Airport Busuanga Palawan

Yes we arrived at Enchanting CORON safely

Best in Avail sa prizes

As usual our group was the noisiest among all the passengers. We milked every thing that the plane had in store for their passengers. I had a very good trip coz its the first time that I didn't vomit riding an airplane.

Thank you Cebu Pacific Air for bringing us to Busuanga Palawan Safe and Sound.

Photo Credits: Atty Rey Caayon and Rona Bella Caayon 

I am that Person Behind the Back

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I remember when I was younger I used to hangout with people who I thought was cool good and all. We used to do things together. It felt like the world is just turning around us. Seize the day just for the other. I am really happy to finally had that feeling that I belong.

Years go by. New people came along. They had new friends and I made a few too. Now I became your confidant. You used to tell me how you and this other girl couldn't get along. Given that thought of you being hurt by another person made me hate her even more than the hurt in your heart.

Then you patched things up with her and I was left hanging in the corner but it was totally fine with me. I know then on that you would reconcile with her. You started hangin out with her again and suddenly you became somebody I don't know. The things you said to me about her, you made it look like I'm the one who said it. Remember I don't know a thing about her. It was you all along that came up with those stories. For one I don't care about her, I care about you.

Yeah you are right. I am that person behind your back. I am that person behind your back whom you talk to when all the world in front of you seems crashing down. I am that person behind your back when you are losing your ground. I am that person behind your back because I always put you in front. We never really talked anything behind each other's back I was facing you that time remember? And if the things I said to you  hurt you, then I am sorry but I can't help it, I just have to tell you what I think and what I feel. If it hurts you then you know that its only the truth that I was talking about.

If you think that being that person who is always behind your back is so bad then some friend you are. Continue what you do coz I am so done being that. I am done seeing things from a person behind your back's point of you. Continue hangin out with the people you call your friends now, because they don't talk to you when you need that person behind your back. Remember the rumors and gossip I told you? You hated me for that but I never came up with it. Your "friends" did.

One day you'll come to your sense and see everything from my point of you. From the person always behind your back. Hopefully it wont be too late.

What Goes Around Really Comes Back Around

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I always thought that there will come a day where all the mistakes that I've made would bring me to a better place that I have always wanted. Right now, my life doesn't seem so bad. I had always been dreaming about this day since the day he went away. I remember in the beginning I was very insecure pathetic and foolish. I stumbled in my own with no one to hold.

I now realized that there was nothing to regret in my life. Even if my past was full of hurt. Even if there are a lot of people trying to stop my game, I still managed to make my own name. People had been talking about something made out of there ass. I just don't know what's the deal with all the talking behind my back. I thought I was so mean but maybe I had to redefine myself. Maybe I got something you wished you have. 

It's so funny seeing you coming to me begging for my attention and forgiveness. Sweetie maybe you thought you had me figured out but I ain't coming around. I had forgiven you a long time ago but it doesn't mean we had to be friends again. 

Life had flipped 180 on us and got you shootin hate all over the place. It doesn't make you look cool though. It made people hate you instead just so you know.

Happy First Birthday Xylemreyn EG Dalag

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Best in Avail sa Decoration
With Tita Raven
Mommy Reina, Daddy Taroro and BDAY Boy
Guest Appearance...
Bday Cake
With Tita Ern
With Mommy, Tita Tiny, Tita Ern and Tita Erin

Your Birthday may only come once in a year but you certainly bring life to hundreds every single day. May you bring if not the same, beyond the swag that your parents bring to this world. I love you and I will always be here for you. To spoil you even if your parents would hate me.. Believe me... Soon we will be drinking buddies.. 

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