Anything for April Kaye

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hey y'all it's been a long time since I pimped someone on my blog. So lemme me introduce you to my friend April Kaye. She is one of the coolest kid I met. I'm still in awe of the things I learned from her. So young yet I learned so many things from her. What I like about her most is the fact the she listens to all the things that I am telling her and she never hesitated to tell me what she thinks about things. Since then, we have gotten really close.

Robo Formacion Photography: Kier and Hazel Wedding

In life, love is never planned. It does not happen for a reason. But when love is real, it becomes your plan for life and your reason for living.

- Anonymous

Funtastic Island Medellin: Gibitngil Island Medellin

I've always been wanting to go back here but I never really got the chance to do so. Last week I did and I was happy I was with my really close friends. MEDELLIN, Always up for adventure. I want you guys to fall in love with the Island the way I've fallen. Surely you'd be comin back for more.

You Will Always be in My Heart

Monday, June 24, 2013

When I hear a really good song, I often associate it with someone close to my heart and this song is no exception. It reminds me of TINTIN and all the beautiful memories we had. She was sweet, sassy, vivacious and full of energy. Sadly that energy was taken away by our creator a few years ago. 

I'm hoping that where ever she is right now that she is in a very happy place. I love you Tin, and I miss you.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I just wanna give a big shoutout to my friend, who not only have the acting chaps but she can also rap. How cool is that. This is also for my mom who is a very big fan. Look Mom, we went to the same High School and College. (mo comment na siya dri mom).

Keep up the good work Mina, you are touching people's lives and making a huge impact to society with this song.

The Song is very true in every word. This is what's going on in our society. Kids nowadays!!

All Hail Becky Nights

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Since I saw the first ep.. I fell in love with this outrageous show. I wanna be on the show


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I waited for 2hours and 30 minutes just for this 3 minute video to upload.. how cool is that!!

If I had it my way, I wanna do this everyday. I just can't have enough of you guys. Until next summer!!

Bogo City's Hottest!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

You don't know? Be in the know of whose who in this town. Let me give you guys a low down of the people you might want to know! Nothing but the best of the best.

Teen Queen: RAVEN

Boy Maoy: Keith

Dancefloor HOTTIE: YVES

Lil Hottie: Kenneth Jay Metante

Sweetest Sister: Agnes Oliamot
Playgay: Cacay Bustillo

Not Your Ordinary Pretty Girl: Danielle Louise Sosas

The Hot Chick: Marie Louise Ortega

The Jock: RJ
The Travel bug: PILAR
Business Mogul: Reinaflor
Internet Celebrity: Klynt Jan

Grand Master

Young! Fly and FLASHY!

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