My New BFF: Jason Rex Flores

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah! I know that you're thinking that Im into him. Here we go again but Im not.

Hey World! This is my new bff. Not my BOYFRIEND but my best friend I should say. Met him at work. I know right then that I have his back and he'll always have mine. He knows the secrets that I could never tell and when I'm down he reads my mind tries to cheer me up.

I can talk the talk and think that Im smarter than anyone but he's the one that reminds me to keep my feet on the ground and keeps me sane.

And when the rain is falling down, I know that he'll be around. I know for sure.

He's not one of those people who had a smile on there faces but all they wanna do is to bring you down.

Before you turn off the lights and close your eyes, you guys should check him out!!!!!


Have you Guys seen THIS BS!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye ruins Taylor Swift's speech at the VMA's

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Run This Town

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Life is a Game but It's not Fair, I Break the Rules so I don't Care. So I keep doin my on Thing, Walking Tall against the Rain. Victory's within the Mile, Almost there Don't give up now. Only thing that's on my Mind, is whose gonna run this Town Tonight" Rihanna, Run this Town

Don't worry about a thing RIRI, I'll RUN this town TONIGHT!

Wasted Time? not This Time..

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I thought I've straightened up my acts but I still had my moments when I cracked up and get wasted. I'm not a role model and I never wished to be one. I just wanna have fun til I crush and burn. People said that I should be afraid of losing everything, including my name coz of what I'm doing. Well I shouldn't be coz for me character is more important than reputation. People said that I'll never made it but just look how far I've come.

So hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! The Party Continues

me and my baby

Party Time, A Perfect Bonding Time

Friday, September 04, 2009

I had one of those days where in I've asked my self "how did I get here?". Then I looked back and saw my friends, so I never think twice or even rationalize the things that I'm about to do coz somehow I knew that, with them I am safe. This is not about the beer or alcohol but about the time we burn together and made our friendship a lil bit stronger. This is for my friend, Rose Ann Yap. The cute and cuddly girl I met from work. I already Missed you. Hope to see you soon. I know well meet again. So ready aim and fire.

So you thought my obnoxious days are over? your wrong!!!!!!!!