I know You Guys Wanna Hangout With Me

Thursday, May 31, 2012

the Betch in her SHONGA LOOK

the Betch and the DUDE

Choi, Lil Xylem, and Reina


Ohh Its: IAM


The was a Hangover Holiday, the betch, the dudes and I was wondering what would it be like to be hangover free. So I took them some place I knew would keep them sober. We just can't help but feel like a boss and let everything loose. Just try and admit it, people were clockin and watchin every move we make. 

We can ball play you in the face but you won't just get it. You can try to follow but we take the lead. So don't be so dramatic. We can't chase your stupid stories.


Just Recently

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I know I have some explaining to do. To my friends and to all of you my readers (which would also mean my friends hahahaha).

Issue no. 1. -with the barbie social club neophyte. (you know who you are)

I know I've been acting so cold lately because I was hurt. Remember way back when you guys had a feud and you told me that you were really hurt by the original member of the barbie social club. You told me everything to the point of almost breaking into tears. I invested a lot of feelings with that too. I wanted to smack there faces til they can't see no light.

I was really shocked when I saw that picture of you. I thought you never wanted to hangout with them or as what I see things were going with you and them. I was hurt. I thought you guys were DUNZO!. I am not stopping you from hanging out with them. JUST BE CAREFUL and ALWAYS REMEMBER what they did to you. I had unfinished issues with them and they were my HIGH SCHOOL BULLIES! For me, they were just up to how much attention and media their club get. I know I've been acting out this weekend so that you will realize that I was hurt.

If you think that it is better to hangout with them and not with us, I think their Club is very much willing to accept a new member!

Issue No. 2- That I have changed!

Yes I have. I just refused to live the way you wanted me to live my life and then you open your mouth like its the end of the world. If you say that you were hurt coz you feel left out and neglected. Well guess what! I was just making you feel how I feel when you left me out and I wanted to make LAAG everywhere.

Issue No. 3- That I am pakialamera with everything.

Since when did I NOT paki alam with everyone's affairs. I always have a say into everything. It's just that NOW my opinions MATTERED to you.

Issue No. 4. -To those who doesn't like me and this blog.

F YOU. I don't care. Be mad at me all you want but you can never stop me with what I do. JUST Step your game up coz I know that I have this Natural SWAG since day 1.

Bogo City Fiesta 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I had a very filled weekend, I don't know where to start bragging about it. So spare me the dirty looks on your face, don't blame me. This is how I see things. From my point of view and from my side of the story. If you can't stand how I mumble on things then feel free to close this tab.

So let me shake the glitter bottle and start with day 1. May 24, 2012- THE DAY I WAS DEVIRGINIZED

I started the day by visiting the cutest baby ever (sipsip lag lyt sa parents) and cuddle for 30 minutes.

Then we decided to watch the Miss Bogo City Coronation Night.

I had to bring Brokovich with me

the DALAG sisters
(wa ko ma brief na pa kita legs diay ang dress code ato nga night ggrrr...)

with anday

The sisters was rooting for Candidate no. 9 since she was a common friend. I was all eyes for candidate no. 7. She defies all Pageant stereotype. She was different and fresh. I love how she embraced her curly hair and her skin color. I know one day, she will be somebody. I was really rooting for her to the point of wanting to kill the Dalag sisters for shouting their bet. I was just disappointed when she answered the question. The minute she took center stage, she already looked defeated. It's as if someone had won the contest. Her confidence had walked out the door and ran for cover. I just don't know what's with her but you gotta fight to the finish girl as what MAMA Beyonce had said, "Don't stop running til the race is finished." 

SCOB's Run for FUN

Sunday, May 20, 2012

is a SUCCESS!!!!!

Even though I walked the whole time, I could say that the event was Indeed successful. We should do this more often....

San Remigio Fiesta 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

It was nice to see that though a lot has changed physically but as you look deeper nothing has changed through time. I had a great time.

When I say great time, I mean great time eating this big LECHON

Jason Rex aka Boy Maoy anak Rene

With Jobet not the singer but the KID

With Elma ang taga pagmana ni dona Guada

With Jason, Jobet and Wix

Oh Yeah,.. I saw Phoebe too. 

with Phoebe. It looks like I am a screaming fan here but we know each other,... Yeah seriously

No matter how many empty beer bottles we create.. It wouldn't be enough to describe the time we had with each other. So til next year then.!!

Happy Fiesta Argawanon San Remigio 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

Part 1: Commencement Exercise

Part 2: Tobma!!

Let the Pictures do the talking..

Leuvick Jann is the MAN

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Girls, Don't be fooled by his pretty face coz he's a bad BOY

Sometimes I want to dare him to put on a helmet, take a ride in a car, lick the windows and look at the faces of the people sitting in the cars passing by.

Seriously though, for the past weeks that I was hangin out with him I could say that he is the type that wont say no to something he hasn't tried. He won't object to his hands and feet being tied down and drag him all around town. He is AWESOMENESS!!

Guiwanon Cold Spring- Tabogon, Cebu

It was a hot Sunday morning and we are all bored. So we decided to go to Guiwanon Cold Spring to cool off the rest of the day.

SCOB's 1st Run for FUN

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


10K (One Category)
- 1st Php 3,000.00
- 2nd Php 2,000.00
- 3rd Php 1,000.00
5K (Male & Female Category)
- 1st Php 1,500.00
- 2nd Php 1,000.00
- 3rd Php 700.00
3K (Male & Female Category)
- 1st Php 1,000.00
- 2nd Php 700.00
- 3rd Php 500.00

Medals for the first 10 finishers for each category will be given

See you there!!!!