The Capitancillo Cafe & Restaurant by R&F

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weary and hungry? Are you in BOGO CITY? Why don't you checkout The Capitancillo Cafe and Restaurant by R&F? It's cozy but not pricey. For every platter you order, an equal amount of gastronomic happiness is served. More pictures after the jump!

Spectrum: #SELFIE TOUR: Independence Day Party

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Yeah! The Chainsmokers are coming to Cebu! So grab that phone and take a #Selfie tour with them at the DEN on June 12. Perfect way to celebrate the INDEPENDENCE DAY right.

Don't get left behind. Splash some hype and dash a pretty good amount of adventure because on that night We gon take a #SELFIE.

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Summer Fling

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sometimes I pretend that life is good and easy that you can always go out and play, work hard play hard they say, and here I am caught up with my feelings. I rode love like I know it, like how I ride my bike like a cowboy! Fast and Dangerous!

 Like the heat of summer, you kinda like seeing yourself tan and basking under the sun. So you see, I like going out him because he was fun. He made me laugh with all the silliest stuff and the weird things he does. He always want me to want some more. For sure, He was a good arm candy. With him, I can just let everything down. Loving every bits and pieces of him.

Like the heat of summer I got burned and he just fade away. NO CALL, NO TEXT. Maybe I have come to the end of the show. He never really promised me a happy ending nor did he say that he's not gonna make me cry. As I bid summer goodbye, I would also let this love die.

Maybe one day, one hot summer day I will meet you again. Love will find us again and we can be more than friends. Til that day, I will hold that smile on your face inside my lonely heart.

I don't care how good you fake it but in my heart it was love that we make! Goodbye summer. Goodbye SUMMER FLING!