Quarantine Tings

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Dear Friends,

Before Covid-19, life has been so complicated that I forgot what is essential in life. This quarantine life got me into thinking what I miss out on and what I always take for granted.

Before I never really realize how many times my mom has waited for me coz I always went out late. Today, she get to sleep early coz I am always at home if Im not working. I really appreciate it now how much of a sacrifice and dedication she had given for me.

I really appreciate all my friends going out of their way just to make sure I am okay. From sending me brownies just to make sure I don’t go hungry. Some lend me their raincoat and send me extra masks just to make sure I am protected. To sending me intubation shields and donating a lot of PPE’s so I wont be dead. To giving me documents over the window just so my other workmates can come to work. To chatting with me late night so I wont be bored.

You guys are all appreciated.

This quarantine has made life BASIC and I guess basic is what we all need.

I love u all. I hope ma realize sad ni ninyo.