CGA Hayahay Restaurant

Thursday, June 02, 2016

I'm the one who goes to a newly opened restaurant not because it is new but because I wanna try what they serve. I don't want no nonsense when it comes to what I eat. If you are like me who wants home cooked meals like how your mama would serve you then this one is for you. Forget the flashy and classy restaurants, if you want to use your hands while eating feel free to do so, they wont mind. 

What I love about this restaurant is the homey vibe they gave me. When I went there, I felt like I was just in our backyard waiting for mom to serve the food minus the washing of the dishes thereafter. The open interior is very perfect for the very humid climate we have here. 

The price? Very affordable. It wont make you cry looking at your wallet.

More pictures later.