Derma Ink Studio by Ur Villareall

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

You might think that we wont go in this direction because this is a very touchy subject . Tattooing is something that would make someone raise their eyebrows or maybe roll their eyes out but hey ART IS ART. No matter the canvas, we are here to appreciate such masterpieces.
The following photos are works of art of Ur Villareall. Behold and be captivated by his worksmanship.
We hope that you read this with an open mind and see art in a different form.
From all of us here in Bogohaknown Ko, Good day!
📸Ur Villareall

How do you break up with a friend?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Since I posted this topic on the blog: thoughts on friends growing apart? People had been asking me, How do you actually break up with a friend? I am no life expert but here are some tips on how to eliminate toxic people.

1. Stop Communicating. This is the best way to break up with them. You have to stop texting them back. Stop calling them back. Stop liking their facebook posts or better yet, just block them. You don't have to feel guilty about doing it. You owe no one an explanation.

2. Break it to them gently. If they don't get the first tip then probably you have to give them hints that you don't want them in your life. Let them pick up the bread crumbs of your broken relationship. Again, you don't have to explain yourself.

3. Distance yourself. Stop going to parties where you could potentially meet each other.

4. Straight to the point. At this point you have to tell it to them straight in the face. If they fail to get the clue, then somebody is up for a rude awakening.

Forget their names now, see how better things. Living life that way is so exhausting. Trust me. I know better. I've been there. 40 million times. 


Friday, October 27, 2017

I thought I was over this thing. What was I thinking right? Now I have to eat my words and undo my goodbye! Day in and day out. I've been waiting to come write back. So Finally I gave in to this addiction. It felt like torture not to write. I felt like I was just fooling myself for so long. Hahahaha.

For a moment there, I thought I could finally let do. I was just planning to hide it. I thought it wasn't gonna hurt but it did! SO pardon my absence coz I am back!

Final Goodbye

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The past month had been a rollercoaster ride for me. There were highs and extremely low moments. I just only have one life to live and I am living it the best way I know how.

As you could see, I always have my life in public by sharing everything that was going on with me here on the blog and on facebook. I think it has taken its toll on me and I got caught up with it.

I think it is about time to dial back with everything and reflect on what’s really important. I think it’s about time to enjoy life as it is. Not worrying about anything. Not minding if this is gonna look good on instagram and just taste every moment raw and unfiltered.

To all my readers thank you! I have 12 amazing years with you guys. This is it! This is goodbye!

Pantaland: the RE-UP

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What is Pantaland?
Pantaland is an ELECTRO MUSIC FESTIVAL  held annually in line with the Fiesta Activities of Bogo City.

Pantaland Music Festival aims to encourage and stimulate youth culture in a controlled environment. It also aims to give an avenue for Bogohanon aspiring dj’s to showcase their talents and play alongside Cebu’s Best Disc Jockeys. Pantaland plans to make this Festival a family event by creating activities most likely to be enjoyed by all members of the family. The Festival actively pursues to help entrepreneurs reach out to their consumers by providing an area for them to showcase their products.

How did the name come about?
The name from a very popular destination here in Bogo City called PANTALAN. My friends and I started to call it PANTALAND as a parody to TOMORROWLAND since we cant afford to go there. So we decided to create our own version of it. THUS PANTALAND!

People of My Year 2016

Sunday, January 08, 2017

The last year was an emotional rollercoaster for me. Maybe this is because I wear my heart on my sleeves. As tradition, here's my list of people that mattered to me the past year. 

10. O- you came to my life like a ray of sunshine. High School was beautiful because of you. The past year you made me realize that everything was just a game of pretends. I applaud you for keeping it strong. It lasted for 16 years. All those years didn't come to waste. You are now a beautiful lesson that I will always remember for the rest of my life. Thank you for the memories.

9. Nonette- 2016 tested us but look how far we've come. Thank you so much. I know I'm gonna have you from 16 to life. Thank you for helping me find myself and who I am will always be here for you.

8. Chismis sa Parlor- Thank you for keeping me grounded when my head is up into the sky. 

7. Ilyn- Thank you for coming back. You are beautiful in this photo.

6. Donny- Guys like you are the reason why gays like me are so happy.

5. Blanche- Thanks for everything. No more mushy words.

4. My Re-Re Family- Thank you so much for the opportunity. You guys are amazing. Thank you for helping me stand for what I believe in. Nothing will change if we just do the talk. We also have to do the walk. 

3. Vice Mayor Mayel- You are an inspiration. If only I could be half the person that you are, I'd be set for life. Thank you so much for the trust that you gave me. Thank you for lighting the fire in my soul that drives me to help people. 

2. Whats up fam?? You know na. Love u

1. Klynt and Kajane- Thank you sticking up with me even when difficult becomes impossible. Love you.

Thank you guys so much for the memories. I had a beautiful 2016