How to Survive a Day in the Review Center

Friday, October 17, 2008

A day in the review center could be an agony. Sitting in class for about 7-8 hrs. a day can be a boring thing to do. 30 minutes after the lecture had started and all you hear are these incoherent sounds from your classmates or from the lecturer. So here are some tips to help you survive a day or 2 in the review center.

1. Nibble a candy. this will help you kill that hunger that you suddenly felt after 30 minutes of doing nothing but sitting. (takin about hypochondriacs thingy)

2. Bring out a toy. A puzzle, a rubix cube or a soduko slate. This will keep you busy when you suddenly feel dizzy but be careful not to get caught.

3. Excuse yourself. Go out of the class. Pretend to take a piss and stay there until you feel all worked up and ready to listen again.

4. Talkin about going out. Why not go to the cafeteria and order a coffee (black). This will be enough to snap your senses back to reality.

5. Go scribble. Torn a page of your fancy notebook and scribble all you want. Squeeze everything that's inside your brain.

6. Go Mobile. Grab that mobile phone and enjoy your unlimited subscription. Tell your friends about how boring and draining your day is. Play with your favorite game all you want for all I care. Just don't forget to put on a silent mode.

7. My final suggestion and this is the most important. Don't study at (YOUR CURRENT REVIEW CENTER) coz a month after you enroll, its guaranteed that you'll go psycho or mental

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