Love or Money?

Monday, March 23, 2009

I have a friend who is really confused about a guy she is currently seeing. She asked me if the Guy was really into her or is he only dating her because of her money.

For one, the guy looked so awful, he was like a picture of someone with a scarlet fever and some scars for a face. He had the thickest nerve for making my friend pay up for everything that he needs. I'm tellin you he's a complete and utter "A".

I don't want to burst her bubble just like that, but I don't want her to live a life of lies. So I said Open your eyes and see reality because there are things that we couldn't see because our heart was blocking the view. Sometimes we couldn't view things clearly because we wanted to satisfy what our heart had always crave right from the start, we refuse to accept the fact that he was just lying and we hope that he was telling the truth.

And after all this when we're all sucked up and exhausted that's when we realize that things are not going right and regret sinks in...

There's no one to blame because there's always that part of ourselves that needs to love and be loved may it be for real love or just for money.


  1. baket nga ba? nagsabi ka naman po sana ng rason kungbat nga ba nasasabing pera lang.

    yes, love can make us blind.

  2. kinsa ni rol? blind item huh.. hehehe

  3. Kind of.. but definitely not from the city

  4. yupe. thats soo true.

    i do have a friend who is like that. he once go for a girl who have $$$$ (just to clear his debt or else he will go to prison) and still got the cheek to say that he DON'T LOVE her but he only love his own long-term girlfriend and that reason why he's with "that girl" is because he only love her money. Nothing more than that.