My New BFF: Jason Rex Flores

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah! I know that you're thinking that Im into him. Here we go again but Im not.

Hey World! This is my new bff. Not my BOYFRIEND but my best friend I should say. Met him at work. I know right then that I have his back and he'll always have mine. He knows the secrets that I could never tell and when I'm down he reads my mind tries to cheer me up.

I can talk the talk and think that Im smarter than anyone but he's the one that reminds me to keep my feet on the ground and keeps me sane.

And when the rain is falling down, I know that he'll be around. I know for sure.

He's not one of those people who had a smile on there faces but all they wanna do is to bring you down.

Before you turn off the lights and close your eyes, you guys should check him out!!!!!


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