Wednesday, November 04, 2009

BS* I thought that I finally got my angel and finally got what I've always wanted. Things were going smooth. He's everything I thought a perfect boyfriend could be. He's the only that I want, he came in to my heart uninvited. As what I've always said to my friends that, he keeps my feet on the ground and keeps my mind wonderin. I've always known that he's a trainwreck but I didn't love him any less. He meant the world to me even though people say that he's so crazy.

He said that he wanted to see me everyday after work but I said no way, but deep inside I was dying to give it a try coz I knowhe's mine. He makes me feel like Im his number 1.I never had nobody who showed how to treat me right other than him.

this is for you... you know who you are!!!!!

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