Villa Imelda Aroma Resort

Monday, December 28, 2009

My friends and I planned to have a quick weekend get away, just to unwind and shake off everything in our mind. This is a reward for ourselves because we've been workin so hard. (char).

Our ride...

this is beauty while you sleep

while on the way, I managed to pull off some of my crazy antics

We were supposed to go to a hot spring but sad to say they couldn't accommodate us. People had to learn how to be hospitable right?

But it didn't stop us. we managed to snap some pics outside.

with Jong2, pit2, me, mam janice, Hanna, Nemy, Niboy, mam Marian and mam Nanine

The reason mao wa mi pasudla

naka pambahay lang jud ko

So we decided to go to Villa Aroma Instead.. and We had a blast

The Whole GANG

welcome to my resort... Kidding

I told yall I was gonna b diff.. and i mean what i say...


Birds of the same feather are the same bird. Langam!!!

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