One Hell of a Summer Fling

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I know I've said that the last time that I've fallen would be the final last one but boy, here I go again. So I've met this guy from a basketball tournament. He was the tallest and for me the cutest. Just a snap, I liked him like no other man I've liked before. I knew then on that If I felt this way I'd go all the way. Give in all the way. Act like a total moron in front of every people I know. Well this is me I don't give a damn to what people say as long as I'm happy.

Like any other flings that I had before. It was one sided and short lived. I don't know if the words that I've said scared him away or hurt him in any way but I know for sure, he'll hate me forever. Maybe he's prepared for this but I hadn't.

Now I'm so down coz nothin in my life is going right. It was just meant to be a summer fling. Something inside me went wrong and hurt me all the way. I've got this crazy feeling deep inside that I'm gonna be like this for a long time and my heart can't rest til then.

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