Bogo City Fiesta 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I had a very filled weekend, I don't know where to start bragging about it. So spare me the dirty looks on your face, don't blame me. This is how I see things. From my point of view and from my side of the story. If you can't stand how I mumble on things then feel free to close this tab.

So let me shake the glitter bottle and start with day 1. May 24, 2012- THE DAY I WAS DEVIRGINIZED

I started the day by visiting the cutest baby ever (sipsip lag lyt sa parents) and cuddle for 30 minutes.

Then we decided to watch the Miss Bogo City Coronation Night.

I had to bring Brokovich with me

the DALAG sisters
(wa ko ma brief na pa kita legs diay ang dress code ato nga night ggrrr...)

with anday

The sisters was rooting for Candidate no. 9 since she was a common friend. I was all eyes for candidate no. 7. She defies all Pageant stereotype. She was different and fresh. I love how she embraced her curly hair and her skin color. I know one day, she will be somebody. I was really rooting for her to the point of wanting to kill the Dalag sisters for shouting their bet. I was just disappointed when she answered the question. The minute she took center stage, she already looked defeated. It's as if someone had won the contest. Her confidence had walked out the door and ran for cover. I just don't know what's with her but you gotta fight to the finish girl as what MAMA Beyonce had said, "Don't stop running til the race is finished." 

Day 2, MAY 25, 2012- NOTHING HAPPEND..... Hahahahhaha

Day 3, May 26, 2012- The Pintos Festival

The Master in ACTION

I missed hangin out with you guys. I remember way back in college, by the bench, who would have thought that you will be this great being a photographer. 


with choi and pebbles

I just love it when they say that I am the life of the party. They never knew that I took the life out of them.

Day 4, May 27, 2012- THE DAY

the birthday girl

with all the hangover from the previous nights, I had to wake up early to order the cake which I never get to eat.

For some She is REINA Flor, but to us she will always be the garutay we knew back then.


Miss Minchin and Princess Sarah

Family Picture.  Cinderella and the evil step sisters..
Very MADAM ang naa sa tunga.

BEAUTY SHOT.. BEAUTY and ang naigo sa shot

The Betch, Denji and Pebbles

Pebbles and OJ

This night we went all the way and dance til we feel like dying. Some people wanna hang out with us and took pictures with the "MINE is LOUDER than YOURS" car. Some posse chicks wanna party with us but to tell you honestly. I don't do posse and that's why I left. HAHAHAHA

No matter How people Judge me with the way I handle ALCOHOL, I wont mind coz I know at the end of the day It proves one thing, You have a problem  handling and minding your own business. Keep your thoughts to your self coz if you want FAME, you wont get that from slandering my NAME.


I miss you this summer. I was thinking about you the whole time and the fun we could make if you are around. I miss you sister dear. (way plastic2)