Battle of the Whatsoever

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So last night I went out on a roll and watched Raven take center stage. I was literally shouting my ass off for her. This thing that she is into is not so brand new to her. She never won the pageant but I know that didn't break her spirit coz GOD made her to SHINE like a DIAMOND.

Miss Congeniality

For me she will always be that little girl  checkin out and playin in a big girls world.

I love them shoes!!!



The King and I

Kinsa gani ka oi??

Judieeee OOOHHH

MADIX.. You never fail to impress me...
I thought Catherine Gubatana won  last night. I liked her answer better than the winner which by the way needs to have her hearing checked. If only she had that kind of confidence during the Miss Bogo Competition then she could have taken home the crown. I was also rooting for her coz she was my favorite since day 1. Her answer was very honest and sincere and just right because for me one should never put herself down in public. Some of the judges had no clear background on  beauty pageants. From what I've heard on their biodata, some of them  are bankers  and doctors and not handlers, talent scouts, fashion directors and/or beauty queens which could have been more reliable and could see beauty beyond what the eyes could see.  For me, they misjudged the competition last night but as what they say, the judges decision is always final and irrevocable. There are more competitions ahead which she and Raven could join. Just good luck to both of you coz you know me... ILL BE WATCHING YOU!!!

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