Road Trip #3 with Ryan and Sergz

Monday, February 25, 2013

It is almost summer here in the Philippines but we still have occasional rain showers. That could not cease our spirit of adventure. Earlier I got a txt from a friend that she'd like to see me coz she was dead tired with us talkin online. Without second thoughts I jumped in and head to the beautiful place of CAPTIVATING TABUELAN.

You can't help but give in to its lush green vegetation and emerald green waters. It keeps me coming back for more. This is actually the 4th time that I've been to Tabuelan.

 Ma. Dawn Albino
This is a must. I was just wondering why every time I came by to a friends house, I always see a FRAMED GRADUATION PICTURE. Hahaha. We had two at home. Mine and my brother's pic.

Enjoy the white coast line of Maravilla Tabuelan

Best in Kahoy
Best in GOLP

Then we made a quick side trip to TUBURAN. I always made it a point to have my friends enjoy the places we go. Seeing them smile from ear to ear makes my heart melt. I had fun. I wish you guys had too. BTW I wish you were here J.

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