Bogo City's Hottest!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

You don't know? Be in the know of whose who in this town. Let me give you guys a low down of the people you might want to know! Nothing but the best of the best.

Teen Queen: RAVEN

Boy Maoy: Keith

Dancefloor HOTTIE: YVES

Lil Hottie: Kenneth Jay Metante

Sweetest Sister: Agnes Oliamot
Playgay: Cacay Bustillo

Not Your Ordinary Pretty Girl: Danielle Louise Sosas

The Hot Chick: Marie Louise Ortega

The Jock: RJ
The Travel bug: PILAR
Business Mogul: Reinaflor
Internet Celebrity: Klynt Jan

Grand Master

Young! Fly and FLASHY!

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  1. nice, are those your friends?

  2. All these people look stylish and classy, they are young and colorful, and they are all be famous with something. And you are the grand master, indeed! Love your blog!