Daan Bantayan Outtakes

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just when I had enough with all the stresses life laid on my bed, I had a chance to getaway from it all. I am very happy to be in a place where all you see are people smiling on the streets. It felt like they are smiling at you because they know you. (not in a weird stalker-ish kind of way). So I got a chance to pass by the RIZAL PARK and it screams for my attention. I just had to give a lil touch of Skinny B on the manicured lawn. I promise you, No damage was done on the area.

I know that no matter what it is, you guys would always be there to support me. I never really wanna grow. I just wanna have fun. Thank you Dayanara and Nicole for playing along with me and thank you Daan Bantayan for the experience until we see each other. I wanna do this everyday!

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