Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today I wanna keep it real
So let me tell you how I feel.
How can I make you fall,
When I already give you my all?

I will always remember what you've said
It was the day I become emotionally dead.
Your smile reminds me what I've done wrong
So I had to go and hoping I was that strong.

I thought I got you locked so tight
But why do you always wanna start a fight?
Faster than my count from one to four,
You've become unlike before.

You keep on asking me for money,
Yet you can't be my honey.
You want me to delete your number,
Funny but even a single digit I can't remember.

I'm so glad to let you know,
It is so damn easy to let you go.
I dont care about you, sunshine
Coz I know without you I'll be just fine.

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