Not so Many, Keith Anthony

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did I just try to rhyme the title? No you guys don't have the chance to stand in my world. All the fame, all the money and all the boys in this world, they don't mean nothing to me. I'm putting it all behind, putting this guy in front. Girls be going crazy, but this guy is just my hommie. Cross my heart, I just hope you die. I'm doin this from 20 to life baby.

Hahahaha. Try to rap that. It'll sound great. LOL. I wish I could say more things about this guy without it sounding like I'm into him. I always tell him to love with no limitations but to love yourself more to let go. When he is around, it will surely be fun. I just can't stop laughing at the things that he says and the stuffs that he does.

I got more in my mind and even more in my heart but I don't have enough words to describe how he means to me. SO CHILL and and check out his GRILL.

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