The Philippines on a Plate

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Philippines is a melting pot of cultures.  Which means that some of our dishes has an international kick to it. May it be Japanese, Chinese, American, French, Italian, Persian. Name it, we have it. Some were store bought and some were made by my friends. 
1. Macy- a Chinese dumpling-like treat. 
2. Oatmeal cake- made by my American Friend
3. Taco- Mexican taco bought at a local deli
4. Puto- all time Filipino Favorite
5. Baked scallops- bought at a local resto
6. Persian Kebab- made by my Moroccan friend.
7. Chicken Lollipops- made by my French Friend

There's more to this that meets the eye. It's the memories I shared with my friends while making them and devouring them.  Please check out
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