Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I never thought I could hate someone with the same amount of passion that I loved them with...but I do.

How did I get into this position I am in. You see what you are doing to me made me have to shout it out.

You turned out to be the person you promised you would never be. Now tell me, did it make you feel better after doing it. How could you put me down while you are pulling yourself up? You made me look bad just to make yourself look good. I don't think your Jesus would approve of that. 

I don't know about this twisted game you are playing but I can play it better than you. Your mind is so weak, just a little shake and I could see you break. 

Was it me coz you had me believing all that shit that you never really mean. I must admit. You got me goin there.  

I was just wondering when you kneel in front of Jesus and look back at the things you are doing, does it make you shake even a little?

Whatever works for you, just do you and when I do me, just let me be. Stop telling me how I'm gonna be. 

I'm not gonna lie. Right now, I so fucking hate you.

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