8 Years of Great Work

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I was lucky, i found the things I love at the age of 17. I was doing what I love doing at such a young age. I was holding school on my left and radio on my right. I love talking. I love learning things about people.  Even in school you can't see me being boxed in one clique. I hangout with the nerds, the hotties, the popular kids, the wallflowers and basically everyone. I always made it a point that I knew the things that made them tick. 

And on the radio I talk about those things and shared them to everyone. For a moment, I love what I was doing. I was on top of my game. I keep running that race on the frontline. No backing down. No looking back.

Then, I have to make a choice. I have to leave one of the things I love to prioritize one. Believe me, i was broken hearted. I was down. I was struggling to keep it. 

Growing up you could tell that I am the one your parents were afraid you'd turn out to be like.

Everyone comes with a baggage. Mine just happens to unpacked in a mess when you met me. I'm lucky coz i have people who helped me fold that mess and keep my life tidy. 

They said I'm a rebel without a cause. I'm just glad I got all the support I need from the people I love for all the right and wrong reasons.

I don't like it when people call me i'm a free spirit. To me it's a nicer way of saying that I am everywhere and that i am out of control. If I am out of control I wouldn't still be here. I could definitely handle myself and my alcohol. 

 Beyonce said that you just have to be happy. That also apply with work. You have to be happy with what you do so that you could do great work. 

When people tries to turn you into someone you are not, just let them but at the end of the day you have to stand at your own truth and that's what's important.

Thank you so much guys!

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