Summer Fling 2.0

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Have you ever felt like life was meant to be carefree and easy, a constant cycle of working hard and playing harder? That's what they say, right? But sometimes, reality hits hard, and we find ourselves caught up in our emotions, navigating through love like it's a wild ride.

I used to approach love like I approached riding my bike—fearless, fast, and with a hint of danger. It felt exhilarating, just like basking under the scorching summer sun, enjoying the thrill of feeling alive and vibrant.

He was like the perfect summer day—fun, spontaneous, and full of laughter. Every moment with him felt like a joy ride, where I could let my guard down and embrace every bit of his quirky charm. He was my arm candy, someone who made life feel lighter and brighter.

But just like the heat of summer, our love burned hot and then faded away. Suddenly, there were no calls, no texts—just silence. It felt like the end of a season, where the warmth dissipates, leaving behind memories tinged with bittersweet longing.

He never promised a happily ever after, nor did he guarantee a tear-free journey. And as summer bid its farewell, I too had to let go of our fleeting romance.

Yet, amidst the goodbye, there's a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, on another hot summer day, our paths will cross again. Maybe love will find us once more, and we'll transcend beyond being just friends. Until that day comes, I'll cherish the memories, holding onto the image of your smile in my lonely heart.

No matter how good we were at faking it, deep down, it was love that we made. So goodbye, summer. Goodbye, summer fling. Until we meet again under the sun-kissed skies, I'll carry our love with me, a reminder of a season that once ignited my soul.

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