The Man Behind the Glasses:Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday my cousin saw on TV the commercial for iamninoy.... and I jokingly asked him if he knew who ninoy was.. and SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE.................... He said that he is Kris' father.. and boy it made me felt like he is Kris' plus one to a party invite( no offense to Kris).... and i have to correct him (being the paki-alamera that I am) I told him that.. we couldn't party at night if it weren't for Ninoy... why?? because he is the man who fought for our freedom against the Marcos Regime.. and during that time a strict curfew was imposed....

I think that our education over here should help the US and that of Iraq and Africa... (familiar)
hehehehehe... well i think that our education system should focus more on the things that are socially relevant.... and from what i've heard teachers are talking so much of the telenovela's in class.. that would be all thank you....

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