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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I would love to say that I am the First CEBUANO NUFFNANG BLOGGER( I really hope so)... and Subscribing to Nuffnang is as easy as Snap... Just log on to their website which is fill up the form and just like that your good as in.....

Im a Newbie blogger and i don't know how to go about the technical stuffs on posting the codes, but see i have posted it.. because it was really easy.. and that's what i like about it the most...

They also had these really cute graphics that had the Philippine Flag on it... talking about patriotism... I should be a hero by doing it....

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  1. Congrats sa my friend! We won!! the chosen 68!

  2. Hi, congrats for winning as one of the 68 chosen bloggers. :)

  3. congrats! nuffnanger

  4. congrats for being one of the 68 nuffnang winners:)