things i dont understand about my mom

Sunday, January 25, 2009

1. why does she have to nag before giving me money. its really irritating to my ears every time she does that. and its a total waste of time because after all the nagging she's gonna give it anyway so why nag??

2. why do i have to ask permission everytime i go out. look im already 21 and im still not allowed to go out at night on saturdays.. look mom im the only 21 years old gay virgin these days.. and that sucks...this is why sneaking out existed and i love it... the fear of getting caught makes the partying all worth it..

3. Every time i confide a secret at her and uses it against me. like its not fair coz everytime i tell her something that she's not allowed to tell she'll use that to blackmail me... so mom watch out imma blackmail u too... in time

4. why am i not allowed to be late when she is always 30 minutes late everytime we see each other. this is really unfair because she hates it everytime i made her wait but when im late its another long nagging time...

5. All she does best is worrying. she worries all the time . every minute every day she checks up on me and asks if i have eaten or not. and tells me not to go home late.. blah blah blah.. aw that sucks right.

Look i don't really hate my mom... these are the things i actually love about her...



  1. mums are always like that but at the end of the day we still love them!!

  2. Sounds like your Mom really loves you.

    As for being late, you are to respect her, being late is disrespectful. She is your elder, so you should be humble. :)

    There is only one way to stop some of these problems, support yourself. :) If you don't ask for money she can't complain. She complains to slow you down on asking next time. LOL

  3. "look mom im the only 21 year old gay virgin these days... and that sucks..."
    - LOOOOOOVE this!!!! hahahaha!