Proper Jeepney Etiquette

Monday, January 26, 2009

Want to know how to behave right while commuting a jeepney? Well I've got some tips for you so to help you fit in and chill inside the country's national ride..

1. When inside the jeepney, please stop staring at your co-passengers. It is really rude. Just take a picture it will last longer.

2. Please stop flashing your fancy cellphones. We get it, you are one social climbing person who saved up a year of your salary just to buy that phone.

3. When you accidentally step on a fellow passenger's toes, please be considerate enough to apologize! It's a public transportation..everybody deserves respect!

4. If you are a girl with a long hair. Please tie it up so that the person beside won't be able to have a free taste of your long hair everytime the wind blows.

5. Please don't talk so loud, the one beside you is not deaf and people around you are not interested with what you are talking about.

6. Place your hands where everybody can see it because if they can't see it, they might think your doing something else. Like snatching (duh)

7. If you're a guy, please don't try to squeeze in especially if the girl beside you is hot, its really rude. Be careful you might get an uninvited boner. Lol

8. If you are on a relationship, please avoid doing some PDA. People don't want a public free show. Just get a room okay.

9. I really hate this behavior, there are people who wont reach for someone's fare. Please pass that fare or just ride a taxi.

10. Please pay up. A jeepney is not a carnival ride. No free ride please.

So that's it...

Ride and enjoy...


  1. yeah right...!!!!

  2. 11. Don't read newspapers inside a jeepney. Are you not kind enough to share morsels of news ogling behind your shoulder?

    12. Don't eat inside the jeepney. Someone who is fasting might be tempted to kill you to get a bite of your food.

    13. When you do pay your far, don't wait when the seats nearest the driver are emptied and then say "palihug" to the one seating nearest or across you.