Long Distance Relationship is CRAP

Friday, April 17, 2009

I used to think that when you fall in love with someone you'll never fall out of it. That when you feel that it's real, it would endure time and distance. That love will make me happy.

These past few weeks I've been away from the guy that I love and truly cared for. I thought the distance would be bridged and everything will be alright. Space had tested us so soon into this relationship. Things had changed between us. Maybe because I jumped into this relationship with my eyes closed and my heart on my hands. I took that risk without any reservations. Certainly some risks are not worth it.

You won't hear that "it's not you, it's me" line coz it was definitely him. I'm just so stupid not to figure it out. So sad that I ignored all the signs thinking that maybe it's just me and that I'm just paranoid. He's been acting strange and been so cold. I know that something was up.

Just don't go next to me and apologize, coz it's too late to do that. Baby I'm already out of the door. Thank you for ignoring me, coz that really helped me made up my mind. I know it's not gonna be easy but I'll get by.

CONCLUSION: Long Distance Relationships wont work.. I THINK....


  1. i agree.. been there, done that.. it won't work.. hahaha..

  2. waaah!... maybe i'll the first one who'll disagree.....

    it will... definitely, LD works...

    & i'll prove you all...


  3. psst!..

    nanghid ko hap..ako e.link kani nga entry sq new post nga "LDR is not a crap at all"..heheh


  4. Long Distance Relationships actually work. But it's not for everyone, so it goes with people saying that it won't. It may, it may not. For some tips, visit this website.

  5. they most certainly do work. Im in one, and although i miss him we do things to make it work, because we are in love and could never let each other go. We are closer than alot of couples who live together/close. They arent for the faint at heart for sure. But if its true love distance cant break it. Of course id rather him be here, but at the same time we are so perfect together i wouldnt change it for anything.