Nathadel Jore

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A lot of people have claimed that they know the real Nathadel and I am not claiming that I know her that much but I think I've seen enough. We became friends since forever.

People don't know that she had so many alter egos. I used to call her names depending on the type of personality that exists with in her. Some of which are CORY, POPS, SPIRITS and the Granny. Remember them NAT????

She was there for me even though I never told her that I needed her. She was like the sister that I never had. She never told me "I told You So" when I was wrong and she was there for me when my world was crushing down on me. When I was struggling with my life she was there. She's willing to put her life on hold just for me...

God bless you MADZ. I know you will pass the Board Exam like I do. Keep the faith and just Pray...

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  1. char lageh kau ni rol... asss in... over big brader jud...heheheh touch the color pud ku dah..karon pajud ku ka discover... anyways thanks also for everything rol... thanks for all the prayers and stuff.. finally i've made it... yep... we will always be friends like FOREVer..lain sad kaud dili...heheh mwahhuggzzz..:)