Blind Dates Anyone?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have you ever had a blind date dilemma? I have been into a lot of it. Way back in college I had a friend who keep on tryin to get me hitched with some random guy. I give him a perfect 10 for effort but I only went out to see 1 guy. It's not really my thing. I let things fall into their places.

Blind dates could be a train wreck or a Perfect date. So here are my tips on how to avoid a train wreck date.

1. Never go out with someone you just met online or a perfect stranger.
2. Meet him in a place where there's a lot of people. (not a market place ok)
3. Tyra once said in her talkshow that " you should choose a restaurant where the food is fast but not a fastfood" I suggest try a Japanese restaurant. Coz if something goes wrong, you can easily walkout of it.
4. Try to look bright and shiny but not too shiny and bright.
5. Enjoy

If all else fail, Shut it down

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