Do Friends Break Up?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sounds obnoxious right? But could this be possible. Maybe when you get tired of all the whines and the lies that your friend put up just to ease their soul. Whatever but you can't make a fool out of me.

I guess this is how we'll end. I'm going this way and you're going on the other. No more hagin in the back, no more waiting up front. Do what you do best and I'll do mine.

Seriously, have you ever had a friend who made up stories just to make you feel comfortable? Just to have you tied up next to them? I have and I have a Lot of them.

I came up under appreciated. I'm sick of feeling like I'm Darth Vader and He is the chosen One. I felt that I was just being used for him to sober up.

I don't hate you just go change your ways. Its so not cool

I can't continue writing about this crap.

Just God Bless


  1. friends lang naman yan, marami ka pang makikita

  2. wat happened di ai uie... for me frens should never break up noh..just have distance lang cgro but not really ending all ties..
    but!! things change..people change.. that one day you just hate them nah! bsta! watever makes u sleep at night ut!