SVMDH Christmas Party 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

This past few weeks I've been so busy preparing for something... Preparing for our spanking christmas party Baby.....

Allow me to show you with these snapshots of that amazing event

Y'all this is Franz... She had so many photos she made it look like it was her PARTY!

This is Dr.Pamela dela Cruz and Marian Gallardo

Our Mother, Mrs. Cynthia A. Ranile (the busiest of them All)

The Hosts of the Night

Eman with the Kumukumokutitap!!!!

 SIDEBAR... with Nat2 and Scott

More SIDEBAR with me and my BABY!!!

Stiff Neck!!!


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  1. yeah, lore wat a cool page.. so talented of u.. haha funny caption friend. will xurely miss you guys.. Nyweiz, thanks for attending my party.. lols just kiddin. GREAT JOB CHAIRMAN ayeeeeeeee xoxo