Let's Take It Off

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyone watches me and that's very overwhelming!! One wrong move and It would feel like the sky is falling down. . I was so desperate for a break...And when I had it there is no turning back.. One opportunity to walk out of town, I just had to grab it like no Other!!!!

Its funny how I live my life now... Coz this is the life that I hated!! I used to like the life of glamour and rebel on the things that society dictates... and Im now livin the opposite... GOD I hate myself!!!

At One point I felt so lost in my monotone life and thats killing me.One phone call and I left town and left all my fears behind. Took the last bus to the city and Chill!!

I made some new friends Tooo...... Guys Meet Andi without the 9 and CHOI

As they say, Time runs so fast when you are havin fun... and I run out of IT.. So til next time.

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