Friday Fly Day

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life is short so don't hold back, Give in all the way. Forgive like you have amnesia, believe like a kid, love like crazy, and be yourself. I remember one time when I was near a pub, a lady said to me "Mag cge lang jud ka og laag ai". I said, "why not?" When you are young and you have the time and the money for leisure, why not right? When will be the right time for me to go out at night? Don't worry coz I have saved enough money for the rainy days. I know some people might be thinking that I have a drinking problem. Don't worry, I know I have issues with alcohol but I am not out of control. Maybe it's about time you guys should mind your own friggin business.!

young money
not so fancy bling
Always Coca Cola
Katsudon Baby!

Started the night eating at our favorite Japanese Deli Cafe (favorite kay wa nay lain) and then strolled around town. And where ever life may take me, I know I'll find my way. Thank you google maps.

Photo credits: Joe Lim

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