Get Well the SOONEST Babe: Ernest John Dalag

Friday, March 30, 2012

Last night, as I was about to go on duty, my friend called me that he is having an asthma attack. So I jumped out of bed before panic could sink in to my mind. I rushed to the hospital before him to set up everything. Just when he was nearing the emergency room, I was taken aback by the way he looked and paused for a while. I  had to stop the tears from falling down my cheeks, I gotta be strong for him and Megan. He was diaphoretic, like sweat is flowing like a river from his face and whole body. His nail beds was cyanotic. I know that if we missed a second, we could have lost him. Emergency medications was given to him but his body was responding slowly. We decided to rush him to the city. I went home, took a bath and let the tears fall freely.

I know that God had been calling his angels before Dec. 12, 2012 but not this time babe. Dungan ta ai.. I know your a Bad boy.. Get well soon!

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