Bogo Fiesta Basketball Tournament 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So there I was bored again and got nothin better to do. So I decided to hit the streets with the dude and viola!!!

I saw Raven!!


During the opening ceremony, the candidates for Miss Bogo 2012 was formally introduced to the public in their HAGGARD LOOK. I know for a fact that being in a competition you should be at your best. It was never an excuse that you went somewhere or who had some arrangement before the competition that you won't look fresh and beautiful. Which brings me back when I was in college I used to handle girls for any beauty pageant. With lack of sleep and rest these girls stayed fresh and beautiful like nothin could go wrong.

Ana Patricia Lopez and Celeste Cristi Cajegas
as embarrassing as it may seem, yep that's me in the white t-shirt.

Nothin excites me more than being around people who are special in any ways. Well this one are Spatially Challenged. People who can't find their center. 
I wonder what the organizers thought about this. I also wonder what these girls will do during the competition. Will they improve or will they stay the same? That's for me to find out. And I will tell you guys next time.

I know that someone might get offended with this post but that's how I see it and I should lay it out there for you guys to improve. Remember, If its the truth, then that's gotta hurt.

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