Left Out!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I bust my ass for some of my friends, to help them, to listen to them and to be there for them. I feel like I am always 2nd choice and never treated the same. Sometimes I feel like a yo yo. People let me in when the want to use me and toss me back out when they're through with me. It's making me sick. I refuse to be a toy anymore.

A friended (past tense of friend) celebrated the most important day of her life and I am left out. No invite, no call, no nothing. I considered her as a friend and it kills me to have to say that I was her friend but but anymore. I don't wanna sound like I am bitter, I am just hurt. It just show that she didn't value me as much as I valued her.

I realized that I can't force people to like me but please stop pretending that we are friends when you are in front of me. Stop judging me like you know me best.

One more thing, someone told me that they all agreed not to invite me to her wedding.. If this is true. I know the reason. I WILL OUTSHINE EVERYONE IN THE PARTY. Shame...I am bitter now, but I am better than you guys. You may have a kind, condescending and beautiful face but it covers your wicked interior. BOOYAH.


This is the last time that I'm gonna talk about this. Case closed. Mind set!

1. She was never a friend from the start.
2. They were all plastic.
3. I don't have friends.

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