My Thoughts on Rumors and Gossip

Monday, October 08, 2012

Just recently a lot of rumors had been spreading in my circle about something. I am not writing this post to clarify things coz nothing that I will say will change your mind. Seems to me that you know me better than I do.

In my 20 years of existence I've come around issues like this. I've come to know that people will judge you negatively and will talk about you no matter you do bad or good. If you are really concerned about me come talk to me, not talk about me, otherwise I'll be thinking that you are using me as your entertainment. Well I'm glad to be just that to you. I hope you felt better in your unhappy life.

I am so done with this, I've dealt with people who wants to bring me down but can't you see that I am still holding my ground. People like that are jealous and insecure. I must be something for you to feel that way.

I just wanna let people know that you just heard ONE SIDE OF THAT STORY. If you have heard the other, which is my side, then you can judge me.

People have an inclination to love, like, and believe those who are sweet, good-looking people but I don't have that. I have a rough, tough and I may speak in a tone higher than everyone but I don't use it to harass people, and with that I am often judged negatively. I always get that.

Come to think of it, It would be amazing and I'd be having a lot of fun if I actually did every single thing that people accused me of. Just snap your fingers and say "I need a life." before I do it. Hahahaha

A wise man once said to believe what you see, and none of what you hear. But in this town people believe in things that they've heard, and make up stories about what they didn't see.

They say people who gossip with you will gossip about you to other people. This is not entirely true because my friends wont do this to me. Maybe your friends was never true to you right from the start.

People claimed to lead a busy life but they always take the time out of their schedule to talk about me. My life must be important more than I think of.

One day KARMA will get to you. So GOODLUCK with that. AMEN!

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