Queen's Island Golf and Resort, Medellin

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Robert Frost had it right about the road less traveled.. Sometimes not knowing where your headed leads you right where you belong. We accidentally arrived to the gates of this very breathtaking place. 

Very beautiful sunset!!

If you are wondering why this is called QUEEN'S ISLAND. Well I don't know but I have a hunch that Queen because the entire area is meant for royalties. Everything in it speaks of elegance and decadence. Island, because as you enter the gates, it would feel like you are taken to an island somewhere in the Pacific. 

Let its majestic splendor allure you. It will entice you with its wide golf course that would make you swing like you are at home.

One thing missing though. A huge swimming pool, since I'm a sucker for pools. A whale should be in its natural habitat you know.

All this from the beautiful town called FUNTASTIC MEDELLIN. AMEN

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