Over and Over Again

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Ahem, there was this girl that I know who really like one of my closest friend. This girl was cute alright, but the guy never see her worth. She did everything she could just to get that chance to be with this guy. Hangout  with the guys in the park, be one of the boys, chill with them at a common friends house. She even made up stories just for him to stay but it only pushed him away. I thought that she would just let him be but she was persistent. I thought it was pathetic. I thought it was very cheap and very degrading.

Til today, when I had dinner with my betch sister.I told her about this girl and all the things she did. My sister told me that I had no right to laugh at this girl. Considering the things that I've done with this guy. Hhmmmm. I don't know what to say anymore.

My sister was right. I was that girl or even worst. I am into this mean and vicious cycle that keeps on repeating. She asked me when will it stop and I don't even know the answer.

Meet a guy. Get to know him. Fall in love. Fall even harder. Get crazy. Then things get really ugly, went into a mini melt down and finally move on. This is the cycle that I am on. Pathetic as it seem but I can't help it. Its a part of being me.

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